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Smart Display

The products to promote efficiency at point of sale is unquestionable, especially in launching new products.

The Intelligent Display 3RCorp was developed using advanced technology of computer vision to capture the customers' image, recording the time and the amount of people watching the advertisements.

The scheduling and distribution of promotional items (movies or flyers) can be fully controlled by a user-friendly, web, bringing greater dynamism.

The system with 10 ', 17' or 42 'is designed to be placed directly on the shelves or point of sale windows.

Provides accurate information on advertisements broadcasted and consumer behavior.

Measures the attractiveness, responsiveness, level of understanding, and understanding of advertisements, indicating the best practices for the creation of advertising production.

Direct focus on the target audience.


  • Influence the purchase decision at point of sale.
  • Increased sales in promotional campaigns and loyalty ads.
  • Sustaintable Media.
  • Expansion of market leadership
  • Economics in advertisements and distribution.
  • Retorno sobre o impacto das propagandas.
  • Comparar a performance dos produtos.


  • Generate real-time access to reports, measuring the audience by advertising and time.
  • Integrates with the grid of ads served.