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People Counter

The flow system of 3RCorp was developed using advanced computer vision technology for counting the flow of people within the monitored environment. Reports the number of people moving, the amount of people coming and going, and what greater customer traffic points in the monitored region. Provides critical data through charts and reports that can be easily accessed and customized by period.


  • Analyze the flow of customers in the store and traffic trends. Optionally offer of sex and age information.
  • Provides the number of customers who entered in a given area or point of sale in real time, allowing the precise calculation of the sales conversion rate.
  • Assess the impact of advertising and promotions.
  • Provides data to better qualify the deals that are offered.
  • Provides real-time information, helping in better scaling or scaling of the service teams.

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  • people counting system analytical accurate to 95%.
  • Camera positioned directly on the monitored area 3m high.
  • Count bidirectional people.
  • Multiple people can pass at the same time.
  • To install, integrate and use.